Combined Functional and Vocational Assessments typically take a full day.

The claimant will have one assessment in the morning, starting around 9:30 am, break for an hour lunch, then resume the second assessment around 1:30 pm. Resulting in a finish time of approx. 4:30 pm.

It is best to book at least 4 weeks in advance.

As we generally book appointments in combination, time slots do book up quite quickly. If you have a particular specialist pairing that you require, it is best to give our team enough time to accommodate the request.

3-Week Report Turnaround

We strive to complete all reports within 3 weeks after the appointment. However, due to external schedules or excessive case loads some of our specialists may not be able to adhere to the desired turnaround.

Urgent Report?

If you have a specific date you require the report, our team needs to know at the time of booking, so they are able to book your appointment with specialists who can work with the given time frame. This also needs to be included in the letter of instruction so that it
is noted with our compliance and reports team.

The commitment and dedication of our highly qualified staff allows us to confidently meet your needs and provide you with innovative and tailored solutions.

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