When assessing the employability of persons with injuries and disabilities, we are in most cases dealing with physical, cognitive or psychological problems which are reported to have resulted from particular accidents or incidents or diseases. These problems are then considered to have a negative impact upon the person’s capacity for work. An appropriate assessment will identify those who are employable and the tasks they can perform, as well as whether the individual is both able and willing to work.

In order to accurately determine the nature of these problems, Vocational Capacity Centre can perform the following assessments:

Functional Capacity Evaluation

– Conducted by a Physiotherapist

Conducted by a Physiotherapist

The standardised Work Well Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) V.2 is utilised at the VCC. It provides comprehensive testing of a person’s ability to perform work related tasks. Performance is rated and abilities and limitations are compared to tasks required in job descriptions.

It includes assessment of ability to lift and carry weight, sitting and standing tolerances, balance, walking, the use of stairs and ladders, grip strength, dexterity and flexibility of the trunk and lower limbs. The assessment is based on a thorough history taking, clinical examination and functional testing.

Takes approx. 3 hours.

Vocational Assessment

– Conducted by a Vocational Psychologist

Conducted by a Vocational Psychologist

A vocational assessment is a psychological assessment of intellectual aptitudes and abilities, and work preferences.

This data is combined with an analysis of skill gained from previous work and hobby associated activities. Jobs are analysed by skill level and a comparison can be made for job suitability and retraining potential. A Job Match Report (see below) is also generated in conjunction with this report.

Takes approx. 3 hours.

Medical Assessment

– Conducted by a Rehabilitation Physician or an Occupational Physician

Conducted by a Rehabilitation or Occupational Physician

A medical assessment is designed to obtain a medical history, examine and diagnose, relate the reported injuries to the disabilities, record treatment and comment on its appropriateness, provide a prognosis, recommend future treatment needs and comment on work capability and calculate WPI (Whole Person Impairment).

Takes up to 1 hour.

Job Match

– Generated by a Vocational Psychologist

Generated by a Psychologist, reviewed by a Physiotherapist or Doctor if the claimant has a Medical or Functional Assessment

A Job Match Report is a comparison between the physical, intellectual and educational requirements of a job, and the results of the physical, medical and vocational skills assessment. In the absence of specific descriptors from employers, all job matches are based on the occupational definitions published in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO).

The ANZSCO is a statistical publication and the only Australian standard dictionary of occupations, which defines an occupation as a collection of related jobs, or set of tasks. Also provided with each occupational are the gross weekly payments, obtained from Fair Work Australia where possible. Market Pay Rate figures which give a more realistic indication of average weekly income (based on ABS statistical data) are also supplied.

Labour Market Analysis

– Conducted by a Labour Market Analyst

Conducted by a Labour Market Analyst (Offsite)

A Labour Market Analysis (LMA) report investigates the employment outlook, prospects and current job availability in the identified job options in the claimant’s local labour market. Direct contact is made with relevant employers, industries and job agencies to secure informational about the general labour market and specific job information.

A final summary outlines the likelihood of the client being able to secure work in the identified job options in the local labour market at this time. Recommendations about measures to be taken to improve employment prospects are also provided.

Integrated Executive Summary

– A short summary of combined report conclusions

An Integrated Executive Summary is provided when our assessments are used in combination. The summary takes the form of a covering letter, which includes relevant excerpts from each of the reports to provide overall conclusions from this multi-dimensional approach.

Earning Capacity Assessments

An Earning Capacity Assessment, also called Employability Assessment, reviews and provides recommendations on an individual’s functional ability, vocational skills, transferrable skills, aptitude, interests and work experiences to assess an individual’s current earning capacity. The assessment is conducted by a combination of registered Vocational Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Labour Market Analyst.

All recommendations are made in consideration of the individual’s local labour market and with review of the physical, intellectual and educational requirements of a Job Match.

The assessment is a valuable tool used in Personal Injury claims. We provide objective, consistent and comprehensive evaluations to enable a thorough understanding of earning capacity.

A comprehensive report provides the person’s vocational options, retraining needs and analysis of the current labour market.

Accurate and confidential assessments

An appropriate assessment will identify those who are employable and the tasks they can perform, as well as if the individual is both able and willing to work.

Employability is also influenced by:

  • The individual’s functional limitations
  • A match between a person’s residual skills and job demands
  • The individual’s perceived and reported pain reactivity
  • The person’s family expectations and obligations
  • The individual’s competitiveness in job seeking and acquisition
  • The person’s motivation to work
  • The person’s ability to deal with the pressures of experienced in different work environments
  • The level of acceptance and support of employers for persons with disabilities
  • The impact of litigation on the individual’s willingness to actively engage in work

All information provided to the Vocational Capacity Centre will be treated as confidential within the constraints of the process, and will not be used for any other purpose. A written copy of our Privacy Policy is also available at our office.

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